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Banana Face Mask: For Healthy And Glowing Skin.

Welcome to beauty mate blog!

The skin is the most essential and visible part of the body.

Taking good care of your health and skin is important in today's lifestyle. Taking care of face skin is essential as it is prone.

The unhealthy diets, pollution, modern lifestyles create an ill effect on your skin. Changing lifestyle can be a tricky task in today’s world, but getting clean and skin is possible with the banana mask


 Benefits of Bananas

The banana is a fruit which is loved across all the country, and it is known for its distinctive colour and its health benefits. 


 Good source of vitamin C

The Banana is loaded with vitamin C which protects the skin from SUV rays as well as reduces the fine lines and prevents ageing.


Rich with Antioxidants

Antioxidants prevent free radicals which automatically gets formed in our body due to pollution, smoking or intakes of toxic substances.  Increase of free radical will lead to premature ageing.



Creating a banana face mask is easy and cheaper. 

        Take one ripe banana & oats powder and mash it with your spoon nicely 

        Add two teaspoon honey in it 

        Mix it properly

        Apply all over your face

        Keep it for 5-10 minutes

        Wash it with lukewarm water

        Pat dry your face with the towel

Apply the face mask everybody on your face to get the effective results. 

The face mask doesn't have any side effect and provides nourishment to your skin.